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How to refer an app?

It is very easy! You just login your Partner Account with Smartify Apps at:
Click Apps to see the app list of Smartify Apps
From this page, you can select which app(s) you want to help promote.
When you set your own referral code already, an Affiliate URL will be generated especially for you for each app.
You can click “copy” to get this link and promote it everywhere to attract your customers.
The link can be included in your emails, blogs, social media posts, or any kind of ad channels you may own. Anything which leads to an install, you’ll gain 30% for life.
The best thing here is if your clients by any chance click to install different apps other than the one you recommend, your full 30% commission will be auto-recorded as well.
Many apps from our list are complementary and our cross-sell strategy used to achieve many positive results so I bet you will gain effortless marketing benefits.