Smartify Apps Partners Tracking System

If you are not new to Affiliate programs, you probably have had uneasy experiences with complicated and unclear Partner Tracking routes.

We really understand that. After putting ourselves into your shoes, this tracking system has been developed with the hope that you will find it easier and more convenient.

After you update your referral code and other personal information into your Partner Profile, your referral code will be saved on the system for all affiliate-related activities to be recorded.

When you go to the app page to see all of our Shopify apps at, you can find that your own unique affiliate links have been auto-generated for each app you choose.

For example:

You can copy this link and have it included in any promotion activities which can result in purchases.

This specific link will send your clients directly to the Shopify app store, to install the app(s).

Your clients are not supposed to install the app right away because the system has cookies to track them. To be more specific, if they click your link, but install the app at a later date from the App Store, the sales will also be recorded for you.

The cookie from the link lasts for 30 days! After 30 days, any activity recurred from the link might be no longer recorded.

To save the best for last, although you may want to promote only one app, if your clients by any chance click to install other apps in our list, your full 30% commission (after 20% deduction of Shopify fee) will be auto-recorded as well.

Many apps from our list are complimentary and our cross-sell strategy used to achieve many positive results so I bet you will gain effortless marketing benefits.

Get started now by clicking to sign up for a Partner Account with Smartify Apps at:

You will never be alone. Our supporting team will be always with you.

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